Trail Runner Volunteers

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Apex—Pick 'N Sledge Re-treading

Help TRV and COMBA build up a section of the rocky, sandy Pick 'N Sledge Trail that has eroded and become more difficult to run and ride. We'll be gathering rock from the area to build up retaining walls and re-building the trail tread to create a more even and safe trail for everyone.

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South Table Mountain—Rock Armoring

Help us complete the armoring a consistently muddy section of the Serpentine Trail at South Table Mountain

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National Trails Day—June 4, 2022

Join us at the following National Trails Day events

TRV isn't the organizer of either event, so any questions should be directed to the municipalities organizing them. Some of our leaders will be attending and may be helping but otherwise aren't in charge.

JeffCo Open Space event at Elk Meadow Park in Evergreen: Signup at JCOS' Offero platform

City of Lakewood event at Green Mountain in Lakewood: Signup at